OLYMPIQ Society has a new subscriber, Hiroyuki Shigeta!

Hiroyuki is a Fortune Teller (member of the British Astrology Association AA). At the same time, he is a Chief Electrical Engineer and has a high degree of expertise in Electricity. He also holds numerous licenses, including Crane Derrick Operators and Heavy Equipment Operators. His skills as a crane operator allow him to operate in millimeters at tremendous speeds and have mastered extremely advanced crane skills. As a fortune teller, he is best at tarot fortune telling. He uses a peculiar synesthesia to perform tarot reading. He has also mastered astrology such as Western Astrology. As a fortune teller, he fortune tells and appraises people of various professions every day.

Hiroyuki’s hobbies include plastic model production (GUNDAM), tropical fish breeding, stag beetle bleed, FPS game, model gun collection, painting, It is a memory of pi. He is also a member of JAPAN MENSA, International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (ISPE), Global Genius Generation Group (4G), ISI Society, WGD, GRIQ Society.

Hiroyuki, welcome to the OLYMPIQ Society!

OLYMPIQ Society Admissions Office