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General Information

My name is Rickard Sagirbay, born 1984 in Sweden, but have Turkish family origin (Izmir, Cesme). I believe in reincarnation and I love the field of metaphysics and paranormal, the search for truth in the exploration of the unknown. I also enjoy science and logic ofc. But what I learned from my friend, is that logic is indeed a limited tool, therefore you have to be creative minded, come up with theories when you embark on intellectual adventures in the unknown (remember most scientific breakthroughs started with theory usually). Be brave and have the courage to follow your ideas and investigate them at a deeper level. Something I wished I learned earlier in life, is to not care so much what other people think of you (everybody can`t like you, besides who has that amount of time to spend anyway, lol).

This means to be open about your views, ideas, being honest, even if sometimes means to challenge the public opinion and some might not agree, which is ok (this is more likely to work in the long-run at many occasions, new working place, relationship, friends, etc.) Life in sales has taught me, they are going to discover who you really are anyway in the end, besides it would feel so boring and humiliating not be able to embrace this freedom of mindset. As long as you can back up your opinion with intellectual arguments, logic, etc. This doesn’t mean I will speak my mind always non stop, there are several factors to take into consideration, respect, trying not to offend some people, that might misunderstand your thoughts,etc (maybe older people in regards to religion, etc). So be brave using good judgement. =)

Are you 100% confident that you have not lived 10, 100, 1000 lives before ? (Phobias, Deja-Vu, Strong intuition, out of place memories, etc.)

(I recommend people to read research by late Professor Ian Stevenson research about the paranormal, etc.)

It seems to me a great part of life is to learn, love and enjoy, the so called school of life. Maybe what we learn in each life-form from past lives actually leaves a soul-memory, that combines with DNA in the next life?

A lot of things that happens in this life might be difficult to explain, but from my personal experience at age 34, everything in life seems to be generated by paradoxes. “Under heaven all can see beauty only because there is ugliness. All can know good only because there is evil. Finally being and none being produce each other ∞ ”.

I asked a great thinker the question do you believe in GOD ? answer: – Yes and No



I enjoy life, socializing with people, movies, chess, poker, philosophy, traveling, different music, (especially classic and fantasy music). I think it is important in life to try out new things.

I am a big fan of Tony Buzan, Ian Stevenson, Renee Descart, Platon, Aristoteles, Immanuel Kant, Fredreich Nietzsche, Buddha (Siddharta Gautama), Pythagoras, Rudiger Gamm, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Goethe, Lao Tzu etc. (many more great thinkers ofc, but these are among the ones that have inspired me the most, until this very date).


Personal Statement

I believe reflecting over life and being open minded to try something new, might help promoting personal growth and true development. My quotes:

The purpose of all life, might partly be to evolve through enlightenment! “Rickard Riza Sagirbay”

To think like a mature child, could mean to think like a giant. “Rickard Riza Sagirbay”

Last one that really inspired me is from the great Lao Tzu:

Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength,
mastering yourself is true power


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OLYMPIQ High IQ Society


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