OLYMPIQ High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 3,500,000 of the unselected population ×


Founded in 2001, OLYMPIQ High IQ Society is an international community for individuals having proved intelligence performance expected by 1:3,500,000 of the unselected population

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10 reasons to join us

1. Society Member online profile (inc. name, information, links and email)

2. Society web Editor rights (publishing & editing articles)

3. Society membership certificate (unique authorization code issued)

4. WIN boards access (Society forum and WIN Private boards)

5. Private chat available for Society members and all WIN members

6. myWIN access and personal profile

7. WIN Online Editions (WIN ONE) journal contributions

8. Special Interests Societies (SIS) participation.

9. National Intelligence Networks (NINs) involvement.

10. Real-life meetings for the Society members or all WIN members

10 reasons to join us


Fast Thinking

Required in many life instances, when time availability is limited. Employs the procession of large amount of multilevel data within a small amount of time.

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Magic Thinking

Looks like magic, coincidence or good luck to many, however the thinker does know that nothing of the aforementioned is the case. It is just pure thinking.

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Practical Thinking

Being practical may seem different or even the opposite from being thoughtful. Taking into account all the available information can improve practice.

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Productive Thinking

Being productive, creative and imaginative equals to being alive, happy and free. Thinking is a major parameter of success in life beyond any limits and barriers.

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Unifying Thinking

Facing many problems, dilemmas, having to take many decisions throughout our lives, thinking can be helpful in defining the important and neglect the non.

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Human Thinking

Humans do have the gift of advanced thinking among living creatures on this planet. It is the size of the brain, it is the number of synapses, it is the training, it is us.

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Happy Thinking

Property, land, fame, recognition and luxuries are the common human goals today. Well, we think that the one and only goal is feeling happy and nothing but that.

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Success Thinking

Looks like that thinking can be somehow beneficial for our life success. It is not everything in life, but much in life can be supported and succeeded when thinking.

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