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As you are possibly well aware, the Society is affiliated with an international organization of High IQ Societies, the World Intelligence Network (WIN). This cooperation reflects to you several communication benefits. You can take advantage of the following available options to connect with WIN, the Society and our members.


1-6. Connect with Society and WIN

There are several options for you to connect with other members, available either within the WIN network or directly in the Society


1. Visit our websites

You can stay informed of the latest WIN and Society news visiting directly the relevant websites.

WIN website is hosted at:

OLYMPIQ Society website is hosted at:


2. Web accounts registration

You may register an account in WIN and the Society web to enhance your involvement with us.

WIN registration link is:

OLYMPIQ Society registration link is:


3. Email accounts

You can email the WIN and Society administration and information desk about your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, opinions and feedback.

WIN Administration desk email account is:
[email protected]

Following is the contacts list of the OLYMPIQ Society Officers:

OLYMPIQ President [email protected]
OLYMPIQ Vice President [email protected]
OLYMPIQ Information Desk [email protected]
OLYMPIQ Membership [email protected]


4. Web contact and information

You may send us a message directly from our websites and you can find more contact options about WIN and the Society visiting the following pages:

WIN Contact page:

OLYMPIQ Society Contact page:


5. Subscribe to Free Email Newsletter

You can subscribe to the free WIN and Society free email newsletters and receive updates and news directly to your email. For your information, we installed our newsletter to the safe environment of Google Feedburner.

WIN free email newsletter registration link is:

OLYMPIQ Society free email newsletter registration link is:


6. Subscribe to RSS feeds

You can subscribe to the free WIN and the Society RSS feeds and receive the latest updates directly from our websites.

WIN RSS link is:

OLYMPIQ Society RSS link is:


7-16. Connect via WIN

There are several options for you to connect using the WIN network features


17-25. Social Media

The society and WIN have enabled dedicated social media pages and groups for the communication and connection needs of the members.


Leave your message

Last but not least, you can send your message to the Society using the form below:


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About OLYMPIQ Society

OLYMPIQ High IQ Society


Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 180, sd 16

SDs above mean: 5

Percentile: 99,99997

Rarity: 1 in 3,500,000

Current Members: 62

Subscribers: 19

Coverage: 217,000,000

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