OLYMPIQ Society has a new member, Rickard Sagirbay, 34 years old from Sweden.

Rickard has Turkish family origin (Izmir, Cesme). He believes in reincarnation and he loves the field of metaphysics and paranormal, the search for truth in the exploration of the unknown. He also enjoys science and logic ofc.

He also enjoys life, socializing with people, movies, chess, poker, philosophy, traveling, different music, (especially classic and fantasy music). He thinks it is important in life to try out new things.

He is a big fan of Tony Buzan, Ian Stevenson, Renee Descart, Platon, Aristoteles, Immanuel Kant, Fredreich Nietzsche, Buddha (Siddharta Gautama), Pythagoras, Rudiger Gamm, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Goethe, Lao Tzu.

Rickard, welcome to the OLYMPIQ Society!

OLYMPIQ Society Admissions Office