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Gaetano Morelli

General Information

I was born in Italy in 1973.
I am an engineer at an Italian IT firm.
My name is “Gaetano“, but people call me “Tany“.




I like science very much and have a big passion for physics and statistics.

Other hobbies/interests: chess, bridge, poetry, music, informatics, puzzles (solving and creating), IQ-tests, soccer, engines, fishing, skiing …and others.



– “Retro-analytical Reasoning IQ tests for the High Range” (by M. Ripà & G. Morelli) – 2012
– “Il Meccanismo di Higgs di Conferimento di Massa” (article about Higgs mechanism) – 2012
– A book about the “Theory of Relativity” by A. Einstein – 2007


High IQ Societies involvement

Full membership in other high societies: sinApsa, ELITE, Tetra, 4G, Grand-IQ (Elite Member), MIQRO, sPIqr, Epida, ISI, Ludomind, Milenija, CIVIQ, Torr …and others.

I am also President and Founder of STHIQ society.


Funny & Interesting

Something funny about me: while someone talks, I can easily count in real time the total number of characters of the sentences he pronounces, up to about 1000 characters.



Email: [email protected]

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