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I owe to Harry Haller and my wife a thousand souls that I shelter. Herr Haller made me aware of this crowd. Fernanda is a soul mate for each one of my souls.

I´m always involved, just for pleasure, with learning, readings and intellectual pursuits. Much of the time required for that I got just ceasing to try to understand the motivations of human actions – because as there are as many motivations as people, I concluded that this is a futile activity.

Having no prejudice about anything, I accept and relate paradoxical ideas to develop unique projects. I discovered over time that I have a natural inclination for books with no bibliography in them as the knowledge, the creation, originality and inspiration usually are there.

In my art education I was privileged to be guided by the best pianists and musicians on the national scene. Thanks to them I got several awards in piano competitions and developed the knowledge that motivated me to create with my wife, the “Piano Class” – a study group for music and art that has the aim to prepare amateur and professional pianists for recitals. Developing research in the promising area of neurofeedback and brain training, a new system for learning piano was developed in conjunction with the pianist Fernanda Castillo, providing the foundation for future academic work.

Literature has always occupied an important place in my life. Without being tied to academic training in this area, I could broaden my horizons in various literary schools. I feared the inevitable fate of Dr. Simon Bacamarte, sought to improve the three laws of robotics, I started in finance with Pierre Grandet and when I go through the Nevsky Perspective I’ll be looking for some characters. Don Alonso Quixano may have been the epitome of my life because I saw him as a genius that few realize. The almost unknown Tirant lo Blanc gave me wisdom and justice. I have the honor since 2003 to integrate the prestigious Confraternity of Bibliophiles in Brazil – a group dedicated to limited edition of handmade books authored by Brazilian writers.

Some years ago I returned my attention to ancient history, seeking a connection between myths, legends and ritual practices from Gilgamesh and Ancient Egypt, through the history of India, Eastern and pre-Columbian peoples – and what still exists in the tradition of our (Brazilian) Indians and the early history of Brazil. In part because of these studies, I took with Fernanda and our son, Henrique, a 112 days Round The World travel dedicated mainly to the Orient, covering a total of 10 countries.

Since 1988 I have invested in stock market. By this point I can say that large Brazilian companies sponsored my studies, my first financial independence, and most of my personal and professional projects. I have developed several approaches for equities and derivatives. I have invested in the Bovespa (Brazilian Stock Exchange) index through the mystical Delta Theory, in stocks through the mathematical concepts of H.E. Hurst (called by the Egyptians Abu Nile) and B.Mandelbrot – that helped me to build a hedge system which showed its value in 2008. Currently I am developing an investment system based on J.Sloman´s Ocean Theory, amongst other ideas.

I always looked at the research on intelligence, learning and creativity, getting closer to this subject during the first years of my son´s development – nothing more natural in a family where the three of us are Mensa Brazil´s members. Being also a member of others prominent High IQ groups, such as Triple Nine Society, The Prometheus Society, Olympiq Society, ISI Society, IQuadrivium Society, Civiq and Intertel, I always greet new friends with an open mind.


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