OLYMPIQ Society has a new member, Raymond Walbrecq, 51 years old from Paris, currently living in Marseilles, France.

Raymond is a trainer in Mathematics, Physics, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Informatic, French, History of Art, Management, Macro and Micro Economics, Accounting and Management, Law, History-Geography, Social and Professional life …, Employment Consultant.

His interests include Canticle physics, astronomy, religion (even if he is atheist), philosophy, art, management, psychology especially neurosciences, in short everything that can be learned. He enjoys sports such as Trail, Ultra Trail. His bridge weak is foreign languages, and he recently started learning English.

He is a Member of Mensa, Triple Nine Society, International Society for Philosophical Inquiry, sPlqr Society and Olympiq Society.

Raymond, welcome to the OLYMPIQ Society!

OLYMPIQ Society Admissions Office